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Playboy Centerfold Mia St. John’s First MMA Cage Fight

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

As the owner of the IFBA Lightweight World Title, a professional boxer, a 27-1 Tae Kwon Do record, and a model / Playboy centerfold, Mia St. John entered the cage at a X-1 event for her first female MMA bout at the Neil S. Blaisdell Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. 40 year old St. John went up against Rhonda Gallegos and ended the fight 44 seconds into it with a Knock Out! Mia St. John setup the punch with a few kicks and then delivered the fight ending blow.

Mia St. John MMA Fighter Playboy Centerfold

Although we don’t have the actual fight, check out the prefight interview video and a great highlight clip of Mia dropping some bombs on her opponent.

New Fight Chix Model HeadHunnie Kimberly aka Kim Miss MVP Pictures

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

Fight Chix Clothing Company has a new Model Kim.  Kim goes by a variety of names including Miss MVP and HeadHunnie Kimberly.  Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of information out there about Miss MVP, but she is quickly making her way into the fight scene – hanging with some of the bad boys of MMA, including Tito Ortiz, Dean Lister and  Melvin Guillard and even modeling for IFO.  Check out some pics of Kim.  If you know more info, drop a comment or contact us.

HeadHunnie Kimberly Professional Photo Shoot

IFO HeadHunnie Kimberly


HeadHunnie Kimberly Melvin Guillard

HeadHunnie Kimberly aka Kim Miss MVP Pictures

Michelle Waterson Miss MMA Tease Video 2

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

Back in June we posted a highlight video / teaser of Michelle Waterson’s first fight. Just recently, a second addition of the first release made it’s way onto youtube. See some more footage of Michelle in the cage with Andrea Miller at Ring of Fire in this sequel.


Michelle Waterson Karate Hot Fight Girl MMA Woman

Fight Girl Jennifer Tate vs. Kim Gibson KO Fight Video

Friday, September 28th, 2007

Back in August we announced the results of the Jennifer Tate vs. Kim Gibson fight that ended in 7 seconds with a “Knock Out”. A video of the Jennifer Tate vs. Kim Gibson fight has been posted to YouTube.  You’ll have to fast forward to get to the good stuff… Check out the video:

Check out Gina Carano’s Knuckles!

Monday, September 17th, 2007

I saw this picture of Gina Carano and Edmund Li – a Hawaiian with an amazing job – hang out at fight events, talk to people and take pictures, all for ProElite.  But anyway, back to the point, check out this post fight (Tonya Evinger) picture of Gina Carano at EliteXC.  She’s got a little mark above the eye, no biggie, but check out those right knucks! Now that’s a woman who fights! If you have not seen the fight yet, you can see the video of Gina fighting Tonya here.

Gina Carano Fight Girl Knuckles

Fight Girl Michelle Waterson Interview – I got a strong jaw

Friday, September 14th, 2007

Total MMA Recently interviewed Fight Girl Michelle Waterson about her current training and her upcoming EliteXC fight.  Here are some interest questions that were brought out:

Total MMA: You’re preparing for your third MMA bout, your first
in a cage. How is training going?

MW: Training is great. I’m 100% confident in my ground this

Total MMA: Greg Jackson’s camp has a huge list of talent. There’s
Duane Ludwig, who will actually fight in the main event at Ring
of Fire 30, and Keith Jardine, who has a big fight coming up next
weekend for the UFC… Do you have any heroes in the martial
arts? Was that something that brought you to the Jackson camp?

MW: (laughs) It’s funny, all the guys. I looked up to all of them.
After I met them in person, they became family. They all took me in with open arms and welcomed me into the Jackson family. I
train with Julie Kedzie, and she’s a big hero to me.

Total MMA: Your opponent is Jaime Cook;
she’s also a striker, isn’t she?

MW: Yeah, from what I know she is, so
it’ll be good.
Total MMA: Have you seen her fight?

MW: I haven’t. She has a real quick clip on
YouTube. She’s definitely a brawler. She’s
got some heavy hands but that’s OK ‘cause
I got a strong jaw.

Total MMA: Have you watched the show?
Do you feel like you were portrayed pretty
accurately in it?

MW: I think they did a really great job of
portraying everybody on the show, the way
we all were. The only thing I wish they did
is show the entire fights, the fights in their
entirety. They might have shown me coming
across a little weak, but I think when
I was on the show… I was. You know, it
was really mentally wearing on me. It was
a turning point in my life and I was learning
a lot about myself.

Michelle Waterson Picture

To read the full article, visit Total MMA’s PDF edition of their magazine – it’s free!

Devon Aoki, Jaime Pressly and Holly Valance Practice MMA

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

Devon Aoki, Jaime Pressly and Holly Valance kick butt in the Movie Dead or Alive… Okay, so maybe they don’t.. maybe it’ s just a poor movie based on a video game – along the lines of Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat.  But, who doesn’t like seeing some impressive chicks practicing martial arts?  Check out some of the pictures of these girls from Dead or Alive.

Devon Aoki


Jaime Pressly


Dead or Alive 2007 Movie Poster

Fight Girl Felice Will Be Fighting Sept 22nd in St Louis WCL

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

Fight Girl Felice Herring recently announced on her myspace account that she will be fighting Sarah Ponce on September 22nd for a starting position on the World Combat League (WCL).  Here’s what she had to say:

WCL World Combat League

“My next fight will be in st.Louis Missouri. I will be fighting Sarah Ponce for the starting position on the World Combat League. The winner of this fight will be the starter on the St.Louis team and the loser will be the alternate. But either way I will be on the St. Louis team in the World Combat League” – Felice Herring

Felice Herring Fight Girl Picture

Felice additionally has an upcoming fight in Japan this November.  The details are vague, but apparently it will be televised.  We will provide an update when we’re aware ofthe details.

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